Saturday, April 28, 2012

Glitchin' Houses

Currently I'm working at Tiny Speck, on a game called Glitch :) I love it! I work on a game I love with an awesome bunch of people for a rockin' community of gamers.

 I thought I'd show some art I've done for Glitch on my blog. We recently released exterior houses and they were a big hit! It makes me happy to see people enjoying what we've made :) 

These are a few sketches I did before making the house in Illustrator. I normally will make small thumbnails for myself but typically I will not make detailed thorough drawings and will go straight into Illustrator. However, since houses take so much time, it was much faster & better to get a sketch approved first before dedicating time to it in Illustrator.

Original sketches for the House of Whimsy.
House #1. Not crazy enough. Needs to feel more Dr. Seuss inspired.

House #2. Still not crazy enough but Kukubee really liked the idea of extensions.

House #3. Ran with the extensions idea and made sure there were interesting negative space and shapes.

Now in Illustrator with a variety of colours and options :) I ended up having to make way more options than shown here, but you get the idea.

 The original sketch for hobbit home.

Hobbit home drawn in Illustrator with different options!


Anonymous said...

wow- such great sketches- thanks for letting us glitch players see them ; )
hugs , from serenitycat

Mike Jones said...

when you're not home, I wear your clothes in a sad attempt to steal some of your greatness...