Saturday, April 28, 2012

Glitchin' Houses

Currently I'm working at Tiny Speck, on a game called Glitch :) I love it! I work on a game I love with an awesome bunch of people for a rockin' community of gamers.

 I thought I'd show some art I've done for Glitch on my blog. We recently released exterior houses and they were a big hit! It makes me happy to see people enjoying what we've made :) 

These are a few sketches I did before making the house in Illustrator. I normally will make small thumbnails for myself but typically I will not make detailed thorough drawings and will go straight into Illustrator. However, since houses take so much time, it was much faster & better to get a sketch approved first before dedicating time to it in Illustrator.

Original sketches for the House of Whimsy.
House #1. Not crazy enough. Needs to feel more Dr. Seuss inspired.

House #2. Still not crazy enough but Kukubee really liked the idea of extensions.

House #3. Ran with the extensions idea and made sure there were interesting negative space and shapes.

Now in Illustrator with a variety of colours and options :) I ended up having to make way more options than shown here, but you get the idea.

 The original sketch for hobbit home.

Hobbit home drawn in Illustrator with different options!