Friday, April 26, 2013

Sam Nielson Schoolism Course

So I've also been busy taking the Sam Nielson Advanced Lighting Course (self taught,) at Schoolism.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the course. He covers a nice variety of topics with a great deal of information all in one course. I liked the thorough explanations about how light works along with the painting demonstration. I realized how important it is to know not just how to paint things on a superficial level, but to know how they work in real life.

After taking the self taught, I would recommend taking the course with the teacher feedback if you can afford it. It would have been amazing to get a more indepth critique about your work to see what exactly you personally need to improve or work on from the eyes of an experienced artist.

If not, I would still recommend taking the self-taught course. You can definitely take advantage of looking at all the previously critiqued videos. You could learn a lot from these!

Here is a sample of the work I did. It is not an easy course! (at least not for me). I have so much to learn and do!  :)