Friday, January 18, 2008

Yay public transit.

While I was taking the bus other day (which took me an hour and half rather than my usual hour) there was a couple making out on the bus and it made me think of other annoying things I dislike while using public transit. I did quick little drawings on them.

SMACK! MWAH! SLURP! Any other swishy kissy noises insert here XD They are kissy fish.

I saw this once and thought it'd be quite awkard. Avert eyes! Lower..uh..crotch area XD

Don't people on the bus look like zombies?

Loud music can be annoying.
One time I was silently wishing no one would decide to sit beside me on this not so full bus but unfortunately this one guy just had to choose me. He then proceeded to blast bagpipe music. Bagpipe music for at least half an hour XD

Mike and I went people watching and drawing last week, thus the binoculars.


sam said...

Ha ha! those are hilarious ;-)

Amanda said...

You are sooo cute. I could just eat you up! Om nom nom.

Ben Ling said...

i love when people put their crotch in my face when im riding the bus. i drive now. nobody's allowed to put their crotch in my face unless i allow them to.