Saturday, October 20, 2007


Ho ho~ an update. I felt bad for not updating. So here are just some sketches, fun fun =D I've been interested in traditional chinese clothing. They are just so pretty x3 I know at one point, in high school, I even wanted to make my own. Glad I didn't do that (due to money & laziness) as I don't know where I would ever get to wear it. Oh and the people sketches are just people on the bus.

Walk Cycle

Character from a Tex Avery Model Sheet

Thursday, October 4, 2007


My blog doesn't have to show only good stuff right? Crap (or semi-okay crap?) can go up here too right? XD
Well thought I just make a post to fill up the space 'til I actually put something here. Here's a doodle I made when I first got the toy on my desk.

Btw, how do I add all those blog links at the side?
The main reason I made a blog was so I could have easy access to updated blogs. I suppose it's not like LJ where you just click on friends and they show you updated posts?