Thursday, October 4, 2007


My blog doesn't have to show only good stuff right? Crap (or semi-okay crap?) can go up here too right? XD
Well thought I just make a post to fill up the space 'til I actually put something here. Here's a doodle I made when I first got the toy on my desk.

Btw, how do I add all those blog links at the side?
The main reason I made a blog was so I could have easy access to updated blogs. I suppose it's not like LJ where you just click on friends and they show you updated posts?


Amanda Wong said...

Oh my God, you are adorable.

Carlyle said...

ha ha thats sweet, um if you go to customize on the top bar thing, you can add side bars (under about me and such) and choose links, it will allow you to add links to it and give them a name...hope that helps. If it doesnt then I can show ya at school sometime